About us

ICASA is a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to provide integral logistic solution. Our experience, quality and infrastructure let us offer a huge range of services which encompass the principal necessities in the supply chain. With more than twenty-five-years experience in air cargo transport and logistic services, we count with the possibility to create solutions to each client requirement. Our infrastructure is characterized by an operational and commercial presence in the main cities of Mexican Republic, as well as cutting-edge technological developments for the management of information and communications.


Provide logistic services that allow us to transcend and contribute in the transportation of goods in a reliable and safe way.


Provide the best national and international logistics service being a highly profitable company, fully human and exemplary in the logistics sector.


  • 1. Enjoy what you do.
    2. Be sure to make your goals a reality.
    3. Get involved and understand what our customers want.
    4. Commit yourself with each client and service you provide.
    5. Feel our mission and make it a reason for success and reality.
    6. Make every person we contact get a positive experience.
  • 7. Do not take anything that is not yours, neither material nor intellectual.
    8. Never talk bad about anyone, make your words build.
    9. Be honorable in all aspects of your life.
    10. Treat others as important people avoiding prejudices, being tolerant, patient and understanding.
    11. Take care of your workmates and help them enjoy his work.
    12. Be responsible for your actions and decisions.
  • 13. Take care of everything you are given, remember it is yours and says things about you.
    14. Make that your appearance, your space and your things make you proud and inspire others.
    15. Communicate properly and with respect.
  • 16. Propose new ways to improve what you do.
    17. Do not live with paradigms.
    18. Get inform and know your company deeply as well as the importance of your work.
  • 19. Share information for everyone's benefit.
    20. Make that your communication flows between people and work teams, becoming an element of coordination and positive feedback.
    21. Work as a team, integrate your colleagues and contribute to achieve a common goal.
    22. Make sure you do a better job tomorrow than you did today.
    23. Devote yourself to the improvement of your works and your person day by day, strive!.

Certifications and Accreditations



ICASA obtained the registration as IATA Cargo Agent with the Code 86101040012 after having complied with the most stringent requirements of the International Air Transport Association.
Dirección Genaral de Aeronautica


ICASA obtained the Recognition as a Safe Cargo Operator in accordance with CO SA 17.4 / 12 by the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics, DGAC, of the Communications and Transport Ministry, SCT.
Recurso Confiable

Recurso Confiable

The drivers and support personnel of our fleet, who are responsible for our services of parcel delivery and delivery in detail, are certified as RECURSO CONFIABLE.


As of 2017 we are members of AMACARGA, which is the Mexican association that brings together the main Cargo Agents and Freight Forwarders of our country.


To carry out our international maritime cargo operations, specialized in the shipment of containers, since 2017 we are members of AMANAC, which is the Mexican association that brings together the companies that participate in shipping goods through the maritime mean.

Commercial Alliances